About us

Theater am Werk is a Viennese middle-sized theatre, with performances taking place at two different venues - Theater am Werk Petersplatz in Vienna's 1st district and Theater am Werk Kabelwerk in Vienna's 12th district. At both locations, Theater am Werk represents contemporary theater productions that are not pigeonholed, but are as multifaceted as Vienna, created for a curious, heterogenous and open-minded audience. The program takes the diversity of the city into account.

The forms of production and artistic collaboration that Theater am Werk engages in are also very diverse. It invites directing teams and artists to realize their own productions with and for Theater am Werk. And it supports projects from the independent theater and performance scene in co-productions and collaborations with material and personnel resources as well as performance opportunities. Theater am Werk opens up spaces for exchange and creates encounters between people and the arts, encouraging interchanges occurring for the first time.


Please send project proposals and inquiries to: dramaturgie@theater-am-werk.at