Two hearts in one city

Theater am Werk consists of two venues that could not be more different:

Theater am Werk Petersplatz is nestled in the historic scenery of the 1st district while Kabelwerk in Meidling, Vienna's 12th district, is surrounded by apartments and single-family homes. Both venues have one thing in common: they have been shaping Vienna’s cultural landscape for a long time and are a symbol of constant renewal.


Petersplatz was already known as a cellar venue at the end of the 19th century and was turned into the jazz club Fatty's Saloon. At the beginning of the 1980s, it became the long-standing venue of Ensemble Theater, which performed as Garage X since 2009 and was later renamed Werk X-Eldorado and Werk X-Petersplatz.


The former site of Kabel- und Drahtwerke AG in Oswaldgasse in Meidling has been a place for artists since 1997. In addition to exhibitions and media experiments, theater performances (e.g. Wiener Festwochen) and performative projects have been realized on-site, as well as larger-scale projects such as Visionale 2000, a fair of initiatives in which 69 organizations from Austria and abroad took part. In 2004, housing construction began on the area encompassing approximately 68,000 square meters under the premise that Kabelwerk would continue to provide a space for arts and culture. In 2009, the Palais Kabelwerk cultural center was completed and artistic productions carried on using the name Werk X from 2014 until 2023.