Theater am Werk


Theater am Werk consists of two venues, Theater am Werk Petersplatz and Theater am Werk Kabelwerk which could not be more different: An old Viennese cellar in the 1st district of Vienna, in the inner city - Petersplatz - and a more recently built theater center in the middle of an urban development area - Kabelwerk. This means that Theater am Werk is located in the heart of Vienna, as the heart of the city beats wherever the Viennese live, work and spend their free time.

Theater am Werk produces contemporary theater productions and supports performing narrative forms that avoid pigeonholing, work with multimedia, further develop narrative forms of theater and are the responsibility of teams of artists. Theater am Werk's own productions aim to produce something special for Vienna and for the audience. And in co-productions and collaborations, Theater am Werk supports the independent theater scene in Vienna and Austria.

The diversity of the program is reflected in both venues.

At Petersplatz, a venue located in the historic and artistic centre of Vienna that has long encouraged new ideas, young talent is given a space. In cooperation with Austrian art universities, among others, this venue seeks the artistic proliferation that is rarely found in the inner city.

At Kabelwerk, a place that has also grown with the development of the urban area, the focus lies on the artistic program and above all on dialogue with the city. Interaction with the city's residents is intensified and expanded.

Theater am Werk is a place for the stories of this city. It makes voices heard and gives the many people of the city a public sphere. It is a space of presence that does not want to represent or tell stories about people, but let’s the people tell them. Theater am Werk gives space to the diversity of artistic identities as well as the diversity of the audience.